Deep Desire

Hello Dear…

I want to take you thru my sexual saga ..which even now remain ever green and mouth watering…

Come enjoy with me please.

I am a 50 year old “young” and energetic guy…heheheh and love sex…of course with different partners…….

I was told that there isn’t anyone who has not had sex with other person (if not in person…at least mentally) who is not your spouse. Be it male or female. May be the ratio of female to male in this may be lesser than the ratio of male to females. But still its there.

Let me go back to my childhood days… may be u also have experiences like mine…

I still remember playing doctor with half a dozen females when I was some 10 years or less…I was the doctor and all females (of my age or slightly older than  me ) are patients… We used to build a reasonably big thatched shed with leaves and strwa on top and tractor tyres and bricks as walls. The shed is big enough for 2 or 3 of us to stand.  The front of the shed has cloth curtain and the back of the shed was usually uncovered to have enough light.

Laxmi, an older cousin of mine was my favorite patient…. Hehehehe…. We used to explore each other ….my dick was small and lean. Like a penlight or a pen torch. She used to move the foreskin up and down and smell my dick… wow…thinking that gives me a hard on now..hehehe. Being born as a Hindu allows me to not have a circumcision…. The foreskin used to be tight and Laxmi used to push the skin backward with little  force and sometime it used to cause  pain…a pleasurable pain…and I used to wriggle because the tip of my dick was very sensitive and ticklish….a pink lollypop, as Laxmi  used to call….I was more interested in licking her than she licking me…. Even now that trait continues… I enjoy licking a pussy than getting sucked….

Laxmi’s pussy was a nice one… I love that smell of that unexplainable  lavender smeared on an onion coupled with overripe leechi smell and  that slight saltish watery discharge that ooze out of the pussy. Laxmi was about 13 or so then and she used to have some little hair around the pussy….my favorite sport was rubbing my face on the silky hair….That may be the reason , even today..i like a female who has hairy pussy.

Our bond is still strong and even today we share a wonderful feeling towards each other and thoroughly  enjoy fucking whenever we can…and we make it a point that we fuck at least twice in a month…

Rest in next



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